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EFI - Tecco papel proof offset 9200 Semimatt

EFI - Tecco papel proof  offset - 9200 Semimatt (200g/m²)

The FograCert EFI Offset Proof Paper 9200 Semimatt media features a white point and
gamut capacity that meets the requirements of high-end offset proofing. The appearance
(haptic) resembles typical offset production paper. A very low content of optical brighteners guarantees a high color stability - metamerism effects are minimised. Due to its neutral paper white (LAB-Value: 96.7, 0.7, -1.2) the 9200 is highly recommended to simulate all common reference papers of the offset printing industry. In most cases the simulation of the paper white becomes redundant. The EFI Offset Proof Paper 9200 is delivered with an EFI backside printing and is compatible for proof creation according to
ISO 12647-7.

*) All roll units are supplied with each two adapters 3'' to 2'' core.

**) Suitable e. g. for HP 120/130 series

***) Suitable e. g. for HP DesignJet 70 and 90 Series


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